Delta Poems 

A Delta's Dream

I dream about a love so strong,
I fantasize the circle songs.
I imagine a bond that spans the globe,
I'd wear the crimson and cream robe.
I dream the dream that sisters do,
To walk amongst the twenty-two.
To sit atop the Pyramid,
And dream the dreams Naomi did.
When I awaken from this mood,
I see myself as Fortitude.
The message that this dream has sent
To proudly ride the elephant.
And send to you my love, Soror
for you to dream as I've before.

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The Delta Woman

Lovely creature
Hand made by God
Smooth-spoken woman
Modeling and serving
She is conspicuous as a growing seed
She is solid as a rock
She is as wayfaring as an ant
She stirs, serves, and hastes on.

Lovely creature
Hand-made by God
Smooth-spoken woman
Constant and valiant
Come wind, come rain
Come discouragement
She is relentless
She is a strong woman!

Lovely creature
Hand-made by God
Smooth-spoken woman
No task will she flee
This is right, for you see,
She is a Delta!

Lovely creature
Hand-made by God
Smooth-spoken woman
No hobglobin nor foul fiend
Can daunt her fine spirit.
So, she labors night and day;
Being ever true to herself,
Being ever true to Delta!

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Like Violets

Like Violets,
Deltas must be individually selected.
You cannot grab a handful without
damaging some of them.
They cannot be roughly picked or picked in a hurry.

Like Violets,
Deltas are not the kind of flower that
Shows off its fullest beauty
Standing alone, but is
Naturally gregarious and looks best in natural clusters.

However, like Violets,
The Delta can stand alone and
Still reflect beauty.

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She is Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
Written by Soror Rachelle Guillory

She is the embodiment of charity and patience
The epitome of sisterhood and fortitude
Through her emanates a torch of light
Glistening rays of sisterly servitude.

Forging forth in virtue's stride
Holding fast her cardinals plain
Through her beams a will to survive
A grand history to maintain.

As the Pyramids on the sands of Egypt
She is a phenomenal creation - her stature great
She treads a path of her own mind
Succumbing not to peer pressure or acts of fate.

Who can she be, this woman of character fine?
Transcending those of mere majority
A sister -- DeSTined to Shine

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One True Delta

A woman of love, peace, and happiness
With a passionate, burning dream
To become one of the women
Who wears the Crimson and Cream.

Her heart, like the elephant
Is as strong as can be
While, like the Pyramid, she has three sides
One side for them, one side for you, and always one side for me.

Her love for DST
Was evident from the start.
When asked, "Why be a Delta?"
She said, "It's just in my heart!"

With the wind to her back
And God's presence there just the same
Her dream reached reality
And a Delta she became.

So she will wear the Crimson and Cream
And it will be there to stay
Because she will be "One True Delta"
Until her last dying day.

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